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Seton Nugget

Seton Nugget Archive

Once a month, St. Elizabeth is doing their very own Seton Nugget, where we answer your questions about Mass, prayer, or spirituality within a three to five minute segment. Here you can find video archives of previously answered questions you may have missed!

Want to submit your own questions? At the Information Table, to the right of the welcome center, you will find our Seton Nugget box with slips of paper available to write down your own questions and place them in the box! Or, click here to submit your questions electronically! Stay tuned for future segments of the Seton Nugget!

Seton Nugget #6 October 8, 2017 Eucharistic Exposition

Questions Answered
What is Eucharistic Exposition?
What can you do in this prayer time?
Do I have to genuflect on both knees?

Seton Nugget #5 August 20, 2017 Mass Offertory

Questions Answered
Why do we put A BIT OF WATER into the Chalice at the Offertory?
Why is a small piece to the Consecrated Host put into the Precious Blood right before Holy Communion??

Seton Nugget #4 June 18, 2017 Priests' Liturgical Vestments

Questions Answered
What does the Priest wear for Mass and why?

Seton Nugget #3 April 23, 2017 Kneeling, Sitting, Standing, and Genuflecting

Questions Answered
Why do Catholics  go “up and down” so often at Mass?
Why and when do we kneel, sit, stand, and genuflect?


Seton Nugget #2 March 19, 2017 The Confiteor

Questions Answered
Why do we strike our breast during the Confiteor?
What is the difference between the Sacrament of Reconciliation and doing the Penitential Rite at Mass?
Why do some make the Sign of the Cross during the Confiteor? 


Seton Nugget #1 January 29, 2017 Communion

Questions Answered
How long do we have to fast before communion?
Should one be chewing gum while receiving holy communion?
After holy communion, when is the proper time to sit?

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